Local I‘a is distribution and subscription based seafood business. They source local, in-season seafood that is caught through pono fishing practices and distributed directly to chefs and consumers.
Local I’a was established to increase the awareness of where seafood comes from, highlight hard working pono fishers, and provide healthy local seafood. 
They take a quadruple-bottom line approach, seeking to create positive environmental, social, economic, and cultural changes in the island community.
The overarching goal of the business is to support sustainable fishing livelihoods by increasing the value of local fisheries, improve consumer access to fresh, local, responsibly caught seafood, and preferentially source from sustainable fisheries that are well-managed and can provide seafood for future generations.


Local I’a was seeking higher customer engagement in order to educate the community on supported fishing practices and to help its fishermen.
Their website was obsolete and they needed to connect to customers more effectively to potentially keep them as CSF members.
The CSF wanted to create a digital presence to reflect their value proposition and to allow visitors to easily complete basic functions through an optimized user experience.
Local I'a wanted to have an Online Store to facilitate selling their retail items. This was going to be their e-commerce debut.
With a content management system that lacked organization and that had not been updated in years, the first thing was to create a new website structure to organize the wealth of information Local I’a had already available to the community.
The firm lacked a marketing officer, and since social network follow up was off the table, the idea of the creation of a blog was more appealing because there was little need for much participation once posts were uploaded.


 Content Structure

The original website had a total of 39 pages, and that number was reduced to 14. Information was now more organized and easily found by visitors.

 E-Commerce Debut

A simple and intuitive online store was created in order to process small orders such as gift cards and retail products.

 Customer Engagement

The company's call to action elements are now clearly defined and strategically placed among the related content.

 Brand Strengthening

The new website was designed around not only the original Local I'a brand colors, fonts and graphic elements but also based on its industry type and business philosophy.
  • Visitors are now spending more time on the site.
  • There has been a dramatic decrease in bounce rate, and a higher variety of internal pages are being visited after the sitemap redevelopment.


Bounce Rate Decrease


Avg Session Duration Increase

Local Ia Case Study
The Local I'a website was published in June 2017