What 2019 Brings to Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing for Hawaii Markets in 2019
Digital marketing is going to change in 2019 and unless you read this, you will not do as well with your marketing in 2019 as you’d like. Here we’ll cover what you need to do to thrive and succeed. The first thing you need to know is that digital marketing is moving to an omni-channel approach. You used to be able to build a business with just one channel. For example, Facebook grew by just having you invite every one of your friends to like your business page. They would take your address book and invite all your acquaintances automatically (sometimes even without your permission). That's...

Why Are Keywords Important?

Keywords Importance in Hawaii Business Websites
What are keywords? Keywords are single words or, more commonly, short phrases that represent the content of a webpage and how people ask for web content. Keywords are strategically selected by optimizers and are intended to help the content of your website pages communicate in a way that resonates with visitors and search engine spiders. Because they represent what a page is about, keywords is incorporated into body text and meta information in a way that is natural and subtle. When keywords are properly incorporated, readers consume keyword phrases with ease along with the other words...

Double Your Website Traffic

Steps Double Website Traffic Honolulu Hawaii
Why do you need more traffic? Website traffic is both an important indicator and driver of business growth. It can help you to see how well your marketing is working, gather insights about your audience to make decisions, improve your SEO and search engine credibility, and generate more leads, increase conversions, and get more customers. Yet achieving these benefits requires driving traffic to your website the right way, and a focus on driving quality traffic. Traffic to your website helps to improve your rank which in turn generates more traffic, but you want to make sure that the...
Hawaii Google Maps Specialist
There are literally thousands of ways you can improve your local search rankings on Google and it can get pretty technical at times. If we had to choose a single way to increase brand visibility on the web, one that is both efficient and (somewhat) simple to do, we'd have to go with getting listed on Google Maps. Depending on how well you execute, your business may even end up being featured in Google’s local 3-pack or Google Maps Pack, which can then result in more store visits and sales and increased traffic and revenue. What To Know About Local Search Results on Google Local search...

How to Pick the Right SEO Provider

Choosing the Right SEO Provider in Hawaii
It is common for small businesses to outsource their SEO requirements. With countless tasks to complete, SEO is incredibly time-consuming, so unless you have the expertise, finding a suitable vendor is a reliable approach. With 53.3% of all website traffic coming from organic search, SEO drives 1000% more traffic than organic social media. In fact, 60% of marketers say that inbound SEO and blog content is their highest quality source of leads. You cannot ignore SEO, and you need to find a provider who can do it well. When looking for an SEO company, it is essential to cut through the jargon....
Best Hawaii SEO Agency
SEO is old news right? It died a long time ago along with Hummingbird, Medic, Panda, Penguin and the rest of Google's algorithm updates, right? While Social Media most certainly can’t be ignored, the fact is, the #1 highest-converting, most valuable and profit exploding traffic on planet earth comes from organic search (SEO). If you don’t show up on Google when people search for what you’re selling, you may as well not exist at all. Maybe you’ve done SEO in the past and were only left with empty promises, or maybe you’re thinking SEO doesn’t work anymore and it’s impossible to ‘trick’...
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