Working While Exploring

Working while exploring means an opportunity for discovering new ideas. Have you ever heard of the term digital nomads? Simply put, these are individuals who are living a nomadic lifestyle while conducting some form of online work. They keep on moving from one place to another, and they use technology while working remotely. They are employed either as freelancers or full-time employees. They enjoy freedom to move around, while at the same time, they realize unlimited income potential, depending on one’s job. For many, it is an opportunity for discovering new ideas, allowing them to work while...

A Nomad Reality

We all know what nomads are – people that have no permanent abode. In the past, these nomadic people were traveling from one place to another in order to locate fresh pasture for their livestock. The number of these nomads is very low today, but there is a new type of nomads today and their number is constantly growing. I am proud to be a member of this group of people known as digital nomads. I had some experience with traditional jobs (the famous 9 to 5 endeavor) and even though I can’t say that this traditional career option is bad, I find my lifestyle much better and much more productive...

The Compatibility of Travel, Photography and an Online Job

Over the years while traveling, focusing on photography and still working online as an IT service provider, I have come to realize that these three go really well together. Each day I find that there is not only great convenience but also great fulfillment in what I do. Working anywhere and at any time I am very passionate about traveling and I love dedicating my time to both photography and IT studies. The fact that I can easily do all three at the same time is primarily because they have so few restrictions. Most of my photography is travel based so I get to do that while enjoying myself....

Staying Relevant As A Travel Photographer

In this day and age, becoming a travel photographer is not really as hyped a profession as it used to be. People have readily accessible images all over the internet and staying relevant has become a difficult task. Simply put, in this industry, you need to have a notable brand and/or name. Staying passionate At the end of the day, having a recognized brand is nothing if it does not show in your work. You need to have a passion for both travel and photography to keep yourself relevant. Each day, you should strive to get a single perfect image, and not the thousands that most others tend to...
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