Website Support & Maintenance in Honolulu Hawaii
Does your website accurately display your company’s character, personality and culture? Is it current and up to date? Like your home, you may acquire a different taste in décor and choose to go beyond cleaning to overhauling a room’s look. There are some things to consider when conducting website maintenance. Update Content and Information Does the content of your website still embody your company’s personality and mission? Is your last blog post or “news” item from a year or two ago? Is the company contact information and personnel biographies current? Nothing is more boring...
Business Website Growth in Hawaii
Your website is your digital storefront, and for a visitor it is the first interaction with your company. Your business website will need regular upkeep in order to impress. Your website may already be attractive, functional and optimized for search engines, but you don't want to have to worry about maintaining its reputation yourself (unless you really enjoy the technical side of the web). Websites that go through continuous improvements and are constantly updated are known to increase traffic, boost sales and strengthen brand authority. Website support is the act of regularly checking your...
Boost Business Bottom Line in Hawaii
Website maintenance is a collection of services with the goal of keeping your website up-to-date, maintained and running properly. These services normally include: Updating text, images and videos Correcting broken links, files and pages Adding pages and content Creating new elements Creating ads or graphics Fixing hosting issues Backing up regularly In fact, web maintenance often goes beyond just mechanics and content and extend to help with social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and securing user data from hackers and malware bots. So, why and how do website maintenance...
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