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Laptop Repairs.

Laptop Repairs.
written by Taylor
published in 2017
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You hit the power button and nothing happens, or maybe the computer turns on and the fan and lights come on, but the machine shows a blank screen. This could be anything from a dead logic board to a faulty memory module.

Slow Performance

When files and applications are removed, all kinds of junk can get left behind. Useless files can accumulate and degrade system performance. Antivirus software, while vital to the health of a computer, can slow down a its performance.

Lockups and Freezes

The infamous "blue screen of death" brings the computer to a halt and is often caused by buggy software, a system running out of memory, RAM going bad, or a failing hard drive. Internal components could get loose causing errors, lockups, or shutdowns.

Strange Noises

Often due to a dying fan, as computers accumulate dust over time, and when fans get clogged, they can slow down, making an unpleasant grinding sound. Then there's the dreaded "click" of a dying hard drive — one of the most destructive PC problems there is.


Dying fans and poor ventilation can create computer problems as the computer heats up. Overheating can cause all sorts of laptop problems from mouse glitches, strange performance in software, or lockups, to momentarily display failure.

What We Offer
  • Windows & macOS Repair
  • Malware Prevention & Removal
  • Memory Upgrades
  • Data Migration, Recovery & Backup
  • WiFi Network Setup & Support
  • Email Management
  • Printer Setup

We include a 14-day warranty on all repairs, as long as the issue relates to the original job.

Security Suite

We include a security suite as a reliable alternative to expensive anti-malware programs.

Quick Turnaround

Most in-shop laptop repairs take only two to three business days, but sometimes less.

Services Not Covered

Laptop computers have never been so affordable. In the case of a major failure it may be more economical to purchase an entirely new unit and have your data migrated. Due to the costs involved in replacing major components added to in-shop labor, we have decided not to service the following issues:

  • LCD Screens
  • Logic Boards
  • DC Jack (or any soldered component)

PC Mac Laptop Repair Waikiki Honolulu Hawaii

PC Mac Laptop Repairs Honolulu Hawaii

Emergency Break-Fix for PC & Mac Laptops

We provide on-site laptop repair services in Waikiki, Honolulu, Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm.

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 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
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