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Pacific Sausages Hawaii Website Release
Website Release: Pacific Sausages
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Pacific Sausages Co., Inc. has been providing the best quality sausages available in the islands of Hawaii since 1970. They are no strangers to local community, as they cater to big names like Sam’s Club, Don Quijote, Marukai (near the Ward theaters) and the Navy Exchange.

Pacific Sausages’ marketing proposal is interesting because not only they manufacture and sell their product, but they also seek to help the community by supporting fundraising events. They offer various recipes highlighting their sausages on their blog.

Another interesting option is the one of offering customized orders to their customers. Got specific requests in mind? Pacific Sausages can make any kind of sausage you wish using either your recipes or by having them formulate one for you.

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All website elements were carefully developed to respond to scroll speed.
The section where the business owner shares his kitchen ideas with customers.
The setup of social network pages and the development of related images.

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