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UX Design & Development Services.
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digital marketing
written by Dez
published in 2022
UX Design & Development Services.

In today’s digital world, your website is the first interaction future consumers have with your business.

That’s why almost 95% of a user’s first impression relates to web design. It’s also why UX Design & Development services can have an immense impact on your company’s bottom line – whether it’s done properly or not.

Invest in your site’s success with DEZCOOL UX Design & Development services

When you opt to hiring our UX services, you will receive a website that is:

  • Customized for your business needs and audience
  • Responsive – so that it works well on every device
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Secured (HTTPS)
  • Professionally prototyped and developed

Transparent prices for quality UX Design & Development services

Choose our UX Design & Development services, and your business can count on 100% transparency. We offer personalized quotes according to your requirements, and provide you with complete access to our time-frame and strategies.

Whether you’re looking to launch a brand-new website or redesign an existing one, we are here to help. Get a free and accurate quote for our UX Design & Development services by requesting your proposal.

Your business is unique and you need a website that will differentiate it from the competition. By focusing on the latest web standards and maintaining a keen eye for functional and conversion-based design, the DEZCOOL interactive team lays the creative groundwork for your local digital presence.

Why invest in professional web design & development services?

If you’re unsure about the value of professional web services, there are several factors to consider. You could increase your conversion rate, level of competitiveness, and search engine rankings – all of which will have a direct positive impact on your profit, market share, and long-term growth.

1. Increased conversion rate

A measurable conversion can be a shopper purchasing a product online, a visitor signing up for an email newsletter, an online form submission and the list goes on. Other forms of conversion include increased foot traffic to a retail store, more in-person sales and enhance brand awareness. Conversion strategies are unique to different businesses and their goals. No matter your conversion goal, UX Design & Development services can help.


Most conversions relate to online interactions. For example, maybe you want to drive more in-store visits through local SEO — by the way, 80% of local searches convert — and this will likely involve visitors interacting with your website.

A first impression shapes not only the future consumers’ opinion of your business but also their decision when it comes to visiting your location, purchasing your product, or subscribing to your email newsletter.

With a user-friendly website that’s intuitive, as well as modern, a business creates a positive first impression with consumers. That can make visitors more likely to convert, whether by stopping at your store the next day, calling for a quote, or keeping you in mind for future purchases.

2. Optimized user experience

A website’s user experience can offer an immense return on investment for a business — on average, it returns $100 for every $1 invested. It can also deliver a tremendous blow to companies that ignore UX development, as almost 90% of users shop with a competitor after a poor website visit experience.

With professional UX Design & Development services, your business will provide users with the best experience. For instance, we can improve the usability and readability of your site’s content, whether on mobile, tablet or desktop. That makes it easy for consumers to find the information they need and make a decision such as visiting your store, buying what you’re selling, and more.

3. Maximizing your competitive edge

No matter your industry, you surely have a direct competitor — and it’s essential for your business to work on building a competitive edge. While you may be selling a better product or service and a better experience, those unique selling points can become lost in an outdated and forgotten website.

With our UX Design & Development services, you can ensure that your company maximizes its first impression with website visitors. You can also make sure that your business stands apart from competitors in your industry, by emphasizing why your product or service is the better option.

For example, if you’re a retail company in Hawaii looking to generate leads, it’s a tough market. You, however, can make it easy for potential leads to contact your company by investing in a website focused on the user experience and not just on ads.

In this scenario, your local business can benefit from the fact that 89% of visitors shop with a competitor after a poor website visit experience. That is a huge gain for your business, as it offers the chance to increase sales and market share with a simple redesign or content update to your website.

4. Improving search engine rankings

Whether a prospect searches using a smartphone, tablet or computer, users rely on search results to find what they’re looking for. That’s why Google processes over 2 trillion searches a year, and why 80% of internet surfers turn to search engines when they need something.

If your site doesn’t rank on the first or second page of a search results page, however, it’s impossible for your business to connect with those consumers. That’s why local SEO is an essential part of web marketing — you need your website to rank to drive sales, brand awareness, social engagement and subscribers.

With our local SEO services, as well as professional web design & development services, you can ensure your site ranks for keywords or search terms relevant to your business.

For example, if you provide landscape services in Honolulu, Hawaii, you may want to rank for the keywords “landscape design honolulu” or “landscaping hawaii.” Depending on your strategy, we would probably create pages specifically designed and optimized for these keywords. That allows your business to reach high-value users in your target audience, transforming them from visitors to leads and from leads to customers.

5. Enhancing your digital strategy

In digital marketing, your business website is your foundation or home base. It’s where your company meets future and existing consumers, whether from search results, social media, or any other source. Because of that, it’s critical to maintain an optimized and up-to-date site that can enable your digital outreach strategies.

With a robust site, your business can improve the results of local marketing strategies. For instance, if you use email marketing, our development services can increase the number of subscribers earned through your site’s sign-up forms by upgrading your site’s usability – be through enhanced loading speeds, better presentation tactics or improved call-to-action placement.

Another example comes from paid advertising. With our brand awareness and visibility expertise, we can develop landing pages optimized for conversions for a pay-per-click campaign, maximizing your return on investment.

Girl designing a website in Hawaii
We focus on creating innovative and effective websites that capture your brand, improve your conversion rates, and maximize your revenue to help grow your business and achieve your goals.

What we can offer

At DEZCOOL, our UX Design & Development services offer a complete experience that includes:

  • Layout prototyping and development
  • Content creation
  • Conversion optimization
  • Reporting for decision making


Creating a stylish website is the first step to getting new visitors.

Your site’s appearance tells visitors more about your company than your words. A site that uses modern design elements and optimized images is more successful at converting customers than a website that looks like it’s from the early 2000’s and as a result, the appearance of your site plays a huge role in its success!

Appearance also includes using a responsive design.

That refers to the technique of making your site re-size itself to fit on the screen of any device size. Therefore, whether a visitor is looking at your website through an Android phone or a 27-inch iMac, they’ll still get a great, easy-to-use experience.

The user experience is the first step in getting a new customer. When visitors see you have a sleek and attractive website, it’s easy to keep them there. But a good-looking website is just the beginning. You also need intuitive navigation.


Navigation is what facilitates people finding what they want.

Modern websites have simplified navigation to work on desktops and mobile devices. It’s all about understanding what works for your brand and target audience when it comes to providing a stellar experience.

Giving visitors a great experience has another benefit — you hold their attention.


Once your site receives a visitor, it’s crucial that you grab their attention. If you lose it, your visitor will leave your site, and you’ll miss out on a sale.

Attention is valuable because it keeps someone focused on your brand, products, and or services. That can be accomplished through video marketing, downloadable content, info-graphics and various media forms.

Once you have their attention, it’s time to give them a sense of direction.


Direction refers to showing someone how they can proceed once on your website — in most cases, this works as an “invisible hand” guiding a user to scroll down your page, click on a link on read page snippet.

For instance, while desktop computer users use a mouse to progress through your page content, visitors using a phone will use their fingers. That means your mobile pages are easy for someone to tap, hold, and swipe so they can scroll just like your desktop computer users.

This design feature goes back to the concept of responsive design.

Responsive design may mean that all your website users get the same experience, but how they get that experience may be entirely different. Your desktop site might use mega navigation in the header with lots of drop-down menus and big, eye-catching visuals.

But that would be too much content for a phone site.

Instead, mobile sites will normally use a hamburger menu — a button style that lets users tap an image, open a menu, and choose their next page from there.

Now we are ready to discuss the most important factor, and that is getting visitors to do what you expect from them: take action.


Action is the ultimate goal of earning any new conversions from your website. But visitors won’t take action if you don’t encourage them! That’s why it’s so important to use a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of every page or topic element on your site.

Think of CTAs as instructions, telling users what they should do next to get one step closer to becoming your customer. While that may sound bossy, studies prove that CTAs dramatically increase conversions in every business website.

Whether you want to get someone to a newsletter submission page or have them make an online purchase, it’s essential to include CTAs in your design. That’s why our team develops visually attractive and compelling CTAs that enable your marketing goals.

CTAs can take many forms, including:

  • Text links
  • Image links
  • Buttons
  • Online forms

It takes time, revisions, and editing to make a performance-driven site — something the DEZCOOL UX Design & Development team has nailed down to a methodical process. Working in your best interests, our specialists will create a website that fulfills these five tenants to make sure you succeed online.


web ui ux design development in hawaii

web ui ux design development in hawaii

web ui ux design development hawaii

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